Lichenicolous Fungi of the Pacific Northwest

About Us

Michael Haldeman
Michael Haldeman has been studying lichens in the northwest for nearly a decade, but in the past few years has become just as interested in the tiny fungi growing on them. As a biological scientist working for the US Forest Service he has been able to visit many different habitats throughout northern Idaho and Washington and pays particular attention to the distribution of lichens and lichenicolous fungi in the region. During the winter months he revises the lichen collections at Oregon State’s herbarium where he has additional opportunities to search various taxonomic groups for lichenicolous fungi. He has summarized many of these findings in a series of papers in the journal Evansia and as part of a recent monograph published by Northwest Lichenologists. He lives in Bellingham, Washington, with his wife Sara and son Silas.

Sunia Yang
Sunia recently retired from Stanford University after 23 years in network engineering- working in design, operations, monitoring and data visualization.

She is also a longtime nature docent with particular interests in native plants, restoration, ethnobotany and birds.